Handy Travel Apps

It doesn’t matter who what type of traveller you are, these are my top apps that I have used numerous times whether it’s solo travel, group holiday or party holidays. These apps will help with you in any kind of situation: 

  1. XE Money Exchange – rather than figuring out the Exchange rate in your head, you can simply do this on a calculator in this app. It’s good if you’re around people from different countries who want to know if their own currencies. 
  2. Google Translate – did you know that you can point your camera at something and it’ll translate it? Or that you can speak into it and it was translate what the person has said? Need I say more for this. Just download it and make sure you download the language you need for offline usage. Believe me – it might help when you’re lost.
  3. Google Maps Offline – wherever you go, make sure you’ve downloaded that city offline so you can search for places easily when you don’t have internet. I got this tip from another traveller as I was so lost and they had offline maps. After you’ve left the city, you can delete the map so it doesn’t take a lot of memory on your phone and make room for the next place. 
  4. Maps.Me – This is a very good offline map. I’ve added this one as this is better than Google Maps in certain locations. For example, in Mexico and Cuba, I used both this app and Google Maps where I found Maps.Me actually had more details on it on side streets etc. Maps.Me is still in it’s early stages and they need input for travellers to put in places of interest like restaurants, bars or hostels BUT you can input this and gets published quite quickly. This helped me a lot in Cuba as there are MANY places or side streets that doesn’t appear properly on Google Maps.

    Do you think there should be other apps that need to be added? Just let me know 🙂

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