Where should you sleep?

Rest for the wicked wanderer

If you are travelling on a budget, it’s always good to know where to book your accommodation. I stayed in some cool and some terrible hostels as well as staying in a dorm from 4 – 16 people. Now I have suggestions to help other travellers: 

  • Booking.com – massive fan of this website as when you reach Genius Level 2 (the highest), the discounts and upgrades (free breakfast upgrades) really made a difference on the costs compared to other websites. It’s always good to shop around and see who’s offering the best rates for your next stop. 
  • Hostelworld.com – if I can’t find what I like on Booking.com; my second link would be this one as they have a huge range on this website. 
  • Airbnb – on this website, the hostels and places on here are much more boutique style and marketed towards people who are willing to spend mid-high range on accommodation as well as usually from mid twenties upwards.

Every traveller will have different experiences in these type of hostels and there’s always debates on whether stay in mixed or female only rooms. Here are my thoughts from my own experiences: 

  • Party Hostels – usually attract the very young and there’s no such thing as sleep here. These have large dorm rooms so you could be staying in a room with up to 16 people with one bathroom – these places are usually super cheap. These are fun when you know you are planning to party hard as you will only see your bed for a few hours and just need a quick wash before moving on. As everyone has different plans, people come and go during different times in the night so don’t count on sleeping in these type of hostels. 
  • Boutique Hostels – personally, I feel safer staying in these places as they are smaller (dorm rooms from 4-6 people), some have female only wash rooms, clean kitchen and if anything were to happen – the place is small enough for me to scream and one of the staff members would come to help me. I also felt that I got to know the workers (who are locals or other travellers) and ended up partying with them. These can cost from mid-high end and the age range is usually mid twenties upwards. My preference is to have my party lifestyle and when I need to sleep – I want to be able to sleep.

I usually stay in mixed dorms as it doesn’t matter on your gender if you are a like minded traveller and I’ve made friends with both genders however, I’ve had experiences when I’ve had drunken men wanting to jump into my bed or asking me to ‘cuddle’ with them. This is when my firm and aggressive voice comes out and I instruct them to’ back away’ or ‘go to your own bed and sleep’. They usually back away at this point and nothing else happens.
However, I’ve heard from other travellers that they’ve had more aggressive encounters in party hostels so I would recommend to stay in female dorms in these types of hostels just to be safe and avoid any situation. 

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