Streets of Trinidad

This is the place which has been featured in MANY films as it still looks the same when it’s been built with cobbled streets, colonial style buildings and it’s lively atmosphere.

BUT … there was no salsa on the steps as Coronavirus ruined it!! But I met a few people when I was in Havana that rated this place so highly and said that we need to dance etc but it seems they were the last group to experience this. If I were to come back again to Cuba, I think I would go straight to Trinidad so I can get my dose that I need to feel I have experienced Cuba.

There’s a lot of places where I stayed and I would say that it’s generally quite safe and all the accommodations are similar in a Cuban style that’s a bit dated as the air con is a massive block hanging outside the room but the hospitality was really nice. It’s usually someone’s house and they live in a separate part but have only a few rooms to accommodate foreigners. It does look like a house when you come in as you walk into a reception/living room area and then go into your rooms.
I stayed at ‘Hostal Patry’ on Francisco Cadahia (don’t get confused with the name Hostal, it’s more of a B&B type place) which only has two bedrooms and they are private with a bathroom. The lady who runs this place was SUPER friendly and really accommodating when we needed breakfast super early as we had a tour. This was located within walking distance to the main square and the Exchange Bureau was nearby. But this whole block has many places where you can stay so you will find a place around this street.
(If you want contact details for Hostal Patry, drop me a message and I will send you their contact details…as mentioned before, most places in Cuba don’t have internet so they don’t have an online presence on or but you can still call or email for availability and pay when you get there).

Market Stall

But this whole block has many places where you can stay.

I did find a market whilst walking around as I needed to buy a bottle of water for me and another traveller where I think it was only for Cubans only BUT the security guard liked my smile so he let me go through… also, remember to keep your receipts when you buy anything as the security guard checks this

Things to do in Trinidad:

  • Climb the Waterfall – there is only one main waterfall that takes 1-2 hours climb to get to so it’s recommended to go in the morning so you can enjoy. The park where this waterfall is located actually closes at 3/4pm and they stop letting people in at 1pm so get up early for this one.
  • Boat ride – there are two boat rides that take you to different islands, one was 55 CUC and the other 65 CUC – get the higher price one as you go to Cayo Gayo which is a private island, lots of iguana’s and you can snorkel at a beautiful spot. Highly recommended
  • Trinidad beach – located 25 minutes away from the city centre. It’s a nice beach and good place to relax. There were a couple of ‘resort’ hotels but there isn’t many places to eat or drink (except for the odd person coming up to you selling drinks from their cooler). If you do go, bring snacks and drinks.
  • The Market – this is an outdoor market that you can’t really miss when you are walking around Trinidad. They have all your souvenirs, hats, handmade jewellery (if you think they are gemstones, they are not but made with the sand of Trinidad’s beach), cigar boxes etc).
  • Bell Tower – pay 3 CUCs and climb up the tower to see some great views of Trinidad.
  • El Criollo Restaurant on Calle Juan Manuel Marquez #54- this place is a great spot to watch the sunset of Trinidad and listen to live Cuban music. The menu was actually mixed cuisine and affordable so I would recommend coming here as you won’t get better than this.
  • Coffeee – Cafe Don Pepe – They serve over 180+ types of coffee and mix them with whip cream etc so you can get an overdose of sugar here but the coffee tastes great even if you just have a simple espresso.
  • Drinks of the steps on the main squar- these are the steps that salsa would usually take place and overlooks a square so you can actually people watch here. But since there was no salsa, it was just people watching with drinks being served. It’s a good place to let time pass by and just enjoy the Cuban life. Also, these steps is a good wifi spot.

Let me know if you visit any of these spots or if you hit some other spots as I will be coming back here again :).

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