Beauty and Make Up Travel Tips

This was a hard one for me as I’m from the city who enjoys skincare products and wearing make up, I love feeling glamourous and makeup gives me confidence. Due to having limited space, I had to strip this back by A LOT. Literally, I had minimal makeup that I debated every day until I left for my travels and have been able to narrow it down to the below:

Beauty Products

  • Sunscreen is a MUST – in other countries, sunscreen is actually quite expensive and it was cheap to buy before I left as many stores have promotional offers like 2 for 1 or 2 bottles for £6. You are saving yourself money in buying it before you go and there isn’t a rush to the pharmacy just to buy sunscreen when you should be soaking up the sun on the beach. My favourite is Hawaiian Tropic range or Riemann P20.  If your bringing this in hand luggage, I use a refillable squeezy bottle just to make it easier to use when I’m travelling. 
  • Face cleansing bar  – so I use two types depending on the seasons and budget. Having a bar is easy to bring through Airport Security (since the liquid bag is limited in hand luggage). Check out Sebamed which helps with PH balance and Drunk Elephant which is made with organic ingredients. 
  • Shampoo & Conditioner – I use refillable travel bottles to squeeze my favourites into these bottles. But if you are switching to bars, I’ve been testing Beast Blue which is vegan and works as a shampoo and body bar. I am still finding the right conditioner bar so let me know if you know any! 
  • Face cream – I squeeze this into a small refillable pot and stick this into my liquids bag. Sometimes, I use sunscreen to double up as my face cream especially if I am in a sunny country … I’ve got to protect this face. 
  • Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm – this is an all in one balm that you can use as a moisturiser or an exfoliant cleanser. This is an award winning balm and comes in handy as it combines two items into one product. If you are looking to bring less bottles or containers then this is the product that you need to use. 
  • Face scrub – so unless you are attached to your favourite brands (because we all have a few), you can put this in a refillable pot OR I use a natural trick and use packet sugar to scrub my face that you can pick up at any cafe or restaurant.

    Make Up
  • Shimmery/ neutral eyeshadow palette which matches ALL my outfits and looks effortless. Depending on the type of travel, like if I am backpacking, I bring a cheap one by Revolution that do great shades and ‘knock off’ of some well known brands (and if I lose it, it won’t matter) or if it’s for work, I bring a branded palette with me.
  • Travel make up brushers – I prefer to use Ecotools but I do have the odd brush that belongs to a different brand as it’s a better brush to spread liquid foundation. 
  • Blusher (I couldn’t even bring a bronzer)
  • Liquid eyeliner – I am an eyeliner person but not everyone is so it depends on you.
  • Concealer – if you’re not bringing foundation as you know you’ll tan and become a few shades darker so this just comes in handy to cover the odd spot or dark circles.
  • Lip balm (with spf) – Carmex SPF15 is a favourite and Elizabeth Arden SPF15 lip balm are great on protection and moisturising. 
  • Lipstick or lip gloss.
  • Perfume Atomiser – Pour your favourite perfume into these little containers so you can spray yourself whenever and wherever you are. These are compact little perfumes that fit into any bag and is worth the investment.
  • Fake eyelashes and eyelash glue – optional item that the glamorous side of me needed! I actually bought these when I was out there but I only wore these one or twice so this depends entirely on you. 

Let me know what you pack in your bag or if you have anything that I should add to mine.  

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