Dating TIPS

Dating whilst travelling? Or are you just dating in general? Either way, there are some safety tips just to keep in mind whether you are dating abroad or dating at home. 

  1. Send your location
    The number one rule you need to follow. If you have Whatsapp or UBER – you can send your location (or ETA for UBER) to your friends (because you probably won’t tell family about your dating life).
    If you go to a restaurant and move to a bar (or even to their house), send your location so they know where you are or where you’ve been. This lets your friends know that you are safe and if anything were to happen (touch wood), they would be able track your movements. 
    If you are travelling, you can still send your location to your friends back home but if you make a new travel bestie, get their number and send your location to them as it makes sense to send it to someone who is in the same location as you.
    To be honest, there is no harm in sending your location to more people but it just depends if you have access internet data; if you are limited on internet data, then send it to one person.

    If you are going AWOL with the world and still going on a date, just let your hostel, regular bar tender or wherever you are staying at know you are going on a date. At most hostels or hotels; you either become friends with them during your stay or they just remember you; so if they don’t see you for 24 -48 hours – they do get worried.
  2. Social Media Check Up
    This varies from people to people but asking for one’s social media is quite normal as you get to see if the person is real (catfishing happens), you can see if they have a partner (because no one likes to be the mistress or the ‘other person’) and you have a better idea of what the person looks like (as Instagram will show ALL their angles). There are people who don’t like to do this but I would recommend doing this just to make sure of who they are – even if it’s a hook-up. If you are super unsure about the person then you can always screenshot the profile and send it to your friends so if they don’t hear from you, they know who to question first.
  3. Meet in a safe in the place
    If at any point of the date, you can leave or if you are having trouble leaving – just go to the bar and say to the staff that this person won’t leave you alone and if it’s ok you wait at the bar for a little bit until they go. A LOT of bartenders understand this and they will also keep an eye on you/ give evils to the guy or maybe even kick them out.
    Don’t ever feel like you have to spend more time with a guy you don’t like or go home with them. You DO have a choice. 
    You are on a date so be yourself and get to know someone. I have been given some good tips on places and who knows, they could be your boyfriend for a day or two which makes exploring a random city even MORE FUN.

Whether it’s a good date or bad date – I find that you usually have a story to tell that will crack you up… and your friends at a later date.
Or maybe you’ll fall in love.
You won’t know until you try it!

I may add more later on but let me know if you have any dating tips or tried any of these yourself! 

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