Virtual Tours around the world…

Still have itchy feet? I’ve got you covered whilst you’re on lockdown – many destinations are promoting the best experience of these places through Virtual Reality Tours. These places have been hit with tourism  during this pandemic but they’ll be thankful if you put them on your list to visit them in the future.

So get a comfy spot on the sofa, pick a destination and put these links on the big screen. Oh don’t forget the snacks and maybe a cheeky bevy.

  1. Slovenia – Crystal clear waters, magnificent peaks and visit remarkable Slovenian caves. past. Travel to the cave of Ice Age people, take a look at the remarkable frescoes in the Istrian church or go through the oldest preserved mine entrance in Europe.

    How: Via Slovenia Tourist Board
  1. Switzerland  – Nature, adventure and panoramic views. There’s nothing more I could ask from Switzerland.

    How: Via Switzerland Tourist board
  1. Brussels from above – View Brussels from up top at some of the skyscrapers that have excellent views over the city.

    How: Via Brussels Live View
  1. Machu Picchu, Peru – I just had to include this as it was magical for me when I was there and still magical for me. This is one of the new 7 Wonders of the World and this virtual tour is even better if you have a VR headset. Enjoy the view and learn more about the history of this place in the comfort of your home. 

How: Via Machu Picchu VR’s website

6: Faroe Islands – Control a tour guide LIVE as you explore remotely

This is possibly our favourite so far. A go-pro is strapped to a tour guide’s head, and what happens next is up to you! The public decide whether they go left, right, straight on or back, whilst the guide provides commentary for the whole tour.

How do you get to take the controls? Well, the Faroe Island’s tourist board give away 1-minute slots on a first-come first-serve basis – if you grab one, you’ll control the guide via a virtual joypad. If you miss out, you can still tune in for free – the tour is live-streamed for all.

Wonderfully innovative. A game changer for online tours.

When: Check the website for the next tour date.

How: Via the Faroe Islands Remote Tourism website.

7. Monaco –  Pristine blue waters of the Mediterranean, is a place famed for its glamour and wealth and a place that I WANT TO GO TO!! But until life runs properly again, I will have to settle on the Virtual Tours and cultural events from home.

How: Via Monaco Tourism Board / Monaco Events

8. Northern Lights with Alaska -Time to immerse yourself in this front row seat as you experience the midnight sun, northern lights and other popular sites. 

How: Via Explore Fair Banks

9. Azerbaijan -Baku Old City has been described as ‘The rare pearl of our architecture and History’. Check it out for yourself.

How: Via Azerbaijan Tourism Board  –  Icherisheher 

10. Western Australia – The tourism board has created a 13 day virtual tour here to help you virtually tick this off your bucket list or help you plan your post-lockdown adventure:

How: Via Tourism Western Austrailia

11. Dubai – The place where you can explore art, uncover the past, dive underwater and live life in the fast lane.

How: Via the Visit Dubai Tourism Board 

12. Croatia – Walk on the cobblestones of Stradun in Dubrovnik, gaze over Hvar Town and the islands, take in the views from Plitvice Lakes and don’t forget to pop into Trakoscan Castle that was built in the 13th Century.

How: Via Visit Croatia

13. Scotland – get the Award Winning app and explore Scotland’s iconic attractions and experience the Scottish life at home.

How: Via Visit Scotland

14. Italy – Experience the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Basilica or perhaps take a trip to Florence, Venice and Milan. This blog has you covered for your next Italian trip so get the snacks ready!

How: Via Headout Italy Blog

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