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Being stuck at home is a blessing in disguise that has so far have me sitting at home wearing PJ’s, sipping a cup of tea or a cocktail (depending on the time of day) and I am getting tired of binging on Netflix.
It doesn’t seem to satisfy the itchy feet since my travel plans were disrupted but since we can’t exactly get on a plane and explore a destination physically, the big wide web has given us some great virtual tours.
You may have never been to these places before or if you quite fancy seeing a place again, well I have gathered some virtual tours of special sites from historical museums, landmarks, palaces and even a farm for you to visit in the comfort of your home.

Keep these places in mind for future travel plans as some of these places rely on tourism in order to keep it functioning (if tickets are purchased or donations are made, the money would go back into keeping the upkeep of the place).

I will update this as I find out more but at least it’ll get you started :).

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Virtual Tours

  1. Museums in London List– a lot of museums work collectively to promote one another and they are doing a lot of virtual tours. Here is a link that lists some of the museums doing virtual tours so you can get your London Museum fix. 

    How: Via the ArtFund

 Special Mentions

Buckingham Palace, England – I keep trying to get to see this palace but I always miss out. At least now I can satisfy that curiosity of what it looks like inside the Queen’s house.

How: Via the Royal 

London National Gallery, England – The National Gallery is giving “the immersive experience invites you to step into our collection of Early Renaissance paintings from 1200 to 1500.” This museum has partnered up with Oculus to give everyone a chance to experience the Salisbury Wing in VR. The Gallery have partnered up with Oculus to provide virtual travellers with the chance to experience the Salisbury Wing in full VR.

How: Via the National Gallery’s website

  1. Museums in New York List– I’ve never been to this place yet but I hear the museums are pretty good and compare well to London so this has been keeping me entertained. This link has A LOT of bonus venues here so you can get your New York fill from here. 

    How: Via the NY Curbed 
  1.  Stonehenge, England – Watch the sky over this ancient place and discover the mysterious stone circle. This historic site is always busy and packed so this virtual tour lets you tour the site in peace without the crowds. This is live footage with 360 views that is available 24/7 so watch the sunrise and peak through these stones or see the clouds change colours when the sun sets or you may even be able to watch the stars. 

How: Via the Stonehenge Skyscape website

4. Paris Museum List – Can’t get to Paris? Well this is a special one where you get to explore  Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Monmartre, Palais Garnier, Grand Palias and many others. 

How: Via the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau

Special mention

Louvre – as you get to see the Mona Lisa without the crowds! You can also explore the Egyptian Antiques and the mysterious underground moat and some of the museum’s most popular galleries. 

How: Via the Louvre’s website

5. Dubai’s creative Alserkal Avenue District virtual tours – Explore art exhibitions, virtually meet artists from the Alserkal Avenue, have 360 degree views, watch videos from gallerists and have access to the shows and artists.

How: Via the Alserkal

6. Northern Lights with Alaska -Time to immerse yourself in this front row seat as you experience the midnight sun, northern lights and other popular sites.

How: Via the Fair Banks Tourism 

7. Azerbaijan – A country with real historial treasure filled with monuments, sights and points of interests that would delight any avid traveller. 

How: Via the Icherisheher Azerbaijan 

8. Lourve, Abu Dhabi – The Lourve is giving access to some of their exhibitions through Virtual Reality and videos. Explore exhibitions from Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West, find out more about 17th Century artist including Rembrandt and Vemeer or discover the  influence of Japanese art.

How: Via the Lourve Abu Dhabi website

9. Plitvice Lake National Park, Croatia – A YouTube video captured by a drone of captivating views of this stunning Park. Sit back with a drink and just enjoy.

How: Via YouTube / Expedia

10. Yellowstone Park, USA – Explore the natural wonders of the apparent World’s First National Park.

How: Via YouTube/ Expedia

11. Machu Picchu, Peru – I just had to include this as it was magical for me when I was there and still magical for me. This is one of the new 7 Wonders of the World and this virtual tour is even better if you have a VR headset. Enjoy the view and learn more about the history of this place in the comfort of your home. 

How: Via Machu Picchu VR’s website

Let me know what are your favourites by commenting on this blog or message me on my social media.


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