Paraty / Ilhe Grande

I was making my way up from São Paulo so I caught a bus from São Paulo’s bus station – I went to the company ‘XX’ stand (I am still trying to find this bus ticket so will update when I find this) and brought my ticket there that took me to Paraty. 

Paraty is very small so most accommodations should only be a short walking distance away from the bus stations. I stayed at the party hostel Che Largato Paraty as it had a small little pool, large bar/common area and of course, lots of travellers to socialise with. This hostel really does encourage you to socialise and also has some good offers to eat/drink there as finding the next food place (especially if you arrive late) can be a challenge. 

Being a party hostel, it means it’s not exactly the cleanest of them all – the bedroom I stayed at smelt of piss and the air conditioning was so old that I think it was blowing old dust from the 80’s on me. 
But for one night, I could handle this. 

Paraty is quite a pretty place to walk around the cobble streets, go to a Samba night in the square – it’s quite lively and such a good night. There are a few cute shops and cafes in this area but it is quite pricey but I think it’s maybe due to the market it attracts. 

Through the hostel, I booked a pick up and boat trip to pick me up from Paraty to Ilha Grande that was about £20/$25 USD. 

To get to Ilha Grande, you need to board a boat at Paraty – once you arrive (it was dark for me) but the main area is quite lit up so it feels you are walking on a mini boulevard.
I would say if you’re looking to stay in a lively hostel then Che Largato Ilha Grande is the place to stay (which is a longer walk on sand to get to) but if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, then I stayed at Bougainville Hostel which is literally a few minutes walk from the port.

On this stretch, you can find shops for swimwear, gymwear, Havianas, transportation (so you can book a boat back to Paraty and then a coach to Rio), restaurants, pharmacy – literally everything is within walking distance. 

There are some beautiful beaches here – I asked about the prettiest one and they said it’s about 2 hours hike which is quite safe to do on your own. Then, after you’ve chilled, you can get a small boat back to the main port which is a nice ‘water in the hair’ scenario.
You can go to other beaches on the island depending on your time as well as book trips to see waterfalls or ride around the island. But I was running out of time and had to get to Rio.

You can book a transfer from your hostel or by a company directly (you will see their shop) and it costs about £20/$25 USD – same rate. If your hostel doesn’t offer it, walk down the path opposite the port as there is like three agents next door to one another offering the same transfers for the same rates.

Then off I went to the next place 🙂 

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