Journey of a nail tech

The pandemic has made me rethink my career choices and what I want in life. There was a time where I was ALWAYS working and I stopped enjoying life. During the lockdown, I started to rekindle my love for nails again and nail art.

Starting out is surely hard so I’ve started a list to help others who wishes to start a budding nail career:

1. Nail drill heads – these can get expensive but this set from Amazon contains 30pcs at a reasonable price

2. Nail Drill head cases – the drill heads are tiny and can be easily lost so keep it in a simple case like these

3. Echo Dot – Amazon is doing a great offer for this small device that music on demand and have great sound volume all controlled by your voice. Great way to make clients feel comfortable all for £19.99 (limited time only)

4. Speed charger – Lets be honest, with all the nail art designs and online training, your phone will drain so best to have a lightning charger to keep fully charged.

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