In fair Verona.. ♥ Italy

Fall in love with Romeo and Juliet… or the food

What can I say about Verona! As we were in the city for two days, we hit the main tourist sites included in Juliet’s House (Giulietta House) where the famous story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare apparently took place.
It is said the a Giulietta Capulet is a real person that lived at this address during the timeframes that Shakesphere wrote the play – also, the house has a balcony (like any other Italian house) that Romeo declared this love. There is also a Romeo (family name not unknown but there was only one Romeo detailed on the town’s history at that time) so people like to link this therefore, people believe this is true.

Anyway, back to being a traveller, if you are planning to hit all the tourist places within 24 hours (from 18 euros) or 48 hours (from 22 euros), it is worth getting the Verona Card  which gives you free access or discounted access to these venues as well as includes bus travel within this time frame. This is pretty much a bargain if you plan to see at least 5 of the free listed venues and is activated when you scan at your first venue/attraction – I went to the first attraction at 11am and I was able to catch an early bus to Verona Nuova train station on the Verona Card.

A couple of places you can visit is the Arena, Teatro Romano and Archelogy Museum, Juliets House, Julietts Tomb, Museo di Castelvecchio, Modern Art Gallery at Palazzo della Ragione, Basilica of San Zeno, Duomo (Cathedral), Basilica of Sant’Anastasia, Torre dei Lambert and many more.
You can buy the Verona Card at the Visitor’s Information Centre which is located a 10 minute walk from the Arena which they will give you a map of the city, the list of free venues, discounted venues and also, they will tell you if any of the venues are closed down (for refurb) so you don’t waste your time travelling and discovering this yourself.
If you are seeing all the venues in the city centre, you can literally walk around (we walked around the whole city centre within the day).

Shopping is quite good and is on the road next to the arena Via Mazzini which as Sephora, Louis Vuitton, Mac, Berska, Zara etc and if you walk down this street, it will take you to Erbe Square where the signature Verona Clock Tower is located, food and clothes markets and is generally a lively atmosphere. If you want delicious Italian food, do not eat in this square as after a few observations, some restaurants share the same kitchens and the food is ok if you want to compromise on food quality. Although, at night, it’s quite lively so worth popping there for a drink.

If you are looking for quality Italian food, you want to go to restaurants that are on the side streets and restaurants by the river are actually quite nice.

I went travelling with a friend who is vegan and we stumbled across a vegan friend place next to the Duomo which also served locally sourced foods, raw juices and meat dishes (so the best for both worlds).

You may not be aware, but I love a good cocktail more than a glass of wine. After a dinner one evening, we were exploring Verona at night and stumbled across a really good cocktail bar called Zooe (locared on Vicolo Crocioni n.3) which also serves an extensive wine list. It seems there are a lot of locals here that drink until the early hours of the morning so definitely a good place.
Funnily enough, one of the girls asked for an ameretto and coke (which seems to be unpopular in Italy) and came her a large shot glass (about three UK shots) with Disaronno on ice haha..

It’s lucky to rub Juliet’s right’ll help me find l

We found a room (similar to air bnb) located on Via dei Mutilati (close to the Arena and has a supermarket on the doorstep) which worked out as 70 euros per night.
La Boheme is a residential building that seems to have spacious flats and the rooms available are located on the 4th floor so it’s like you are staying in rooms, shared bathroom (the owners do not live there) and the breakfast is very basic. We planned to be out majority of the day so this worked for us as the flat looks like it was refurbished, modern, clean and we had a good view of the Castiglion.
There is another air bnb on the first floor called Primavera but I doubt you will get views of a sunset and the Castiglion.

Top Tips: Verona Card is a must if you visit at least five of the free venues/attractions.
You can walk majority of the city centre and is quite nice to get lost in.

The market stall people will call a female ‘Giuletta’ (which is another way for calling you a pretty girl) and to get your attention. If you are keen on buying a few things or gifts, you might as well play on this and barter for a good deal.

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