Escape to Malcesine ♥ Italy

Malcesine is a small and beautiful town located on Lake Garda, Italy.

If you are driving, one hour away from Verona Airport or two hours from Milan Malpensa or Venice Airport.
This part is my experience (there were two of us travelling) and I flew from London Heathrow to Verona. As our flight was quite late, I booked a ‘transfer’ (which essentially is a taxi but if there were other people on the flight, they would’ve been in the same transfer) through my accommodation provider.

This cost me 25 euros per person per way and to be honest, if you got a taxi from the airport to Malcesine, this would cost a minimum on 80 euros so this was a better deal for me. Alternatively, if you have time, most people will get the airport bus to Verona city centre and catch a bus from Verona to Malcesine which will take from 1 hour 45 minutes – 2hours (depending on traffic).
When we went to Verona City Centre, we travelled on the 187 bus (which isn’t that far, maybe a max 10 minutes or less walk from our hotel) – this did take us just under 2 hour and as we left at 8.35am, the bus ticket cost us 6.60 euros each however, if you go during peak times, this usually increased to 8-10 euros. The journey is quite nice, it’s cheap and this bus travels through to Verona train station and then goes straight into the city centre (stops near the infamous Arena).

Most people who will come to Malescine are usually holiday makers who want to spend time on the lake or sports enthusiast as there are beautiful mountains nearby. Malcesine is a town you could literally walk around the whole town within a day.
There is a SPAR shop nearby (similar to a small supermarket that sells your usually fruits, snacks, chocolate etc..) and there are quote a lot of small shops selling sports clothes, jewellery, clothes, tourist stuff etc.


The most important thing you need to do is get the cable cars from Malescine up to Monte Baldo to have spectacular views of Lake Garda. This costs about 20 euros for a return (15 euros if you want to get the cable car up and ride your bike down/hike your way down).

I would definitely recommend that you bring a scarf and a jacket as it’s a wee bit chilly up there. (Says the girl that decides to take have a half naked photoshoot..)

Once you’ve soaked in the view, there are like three restaurants where you can have coffee and food until you are ready to come back down.
Secondly, you need to see Malcesine’s Scaligar Castle built in 1300 by the Austrians and where weddings will take place.

Monte Baldo
On top of the world! Monte Baldo 

This has jaw dropping views and is a piece of Malcesine history.

If you wonder around the town, you will see there is a petit tram (that is useful of people who cannot walk up and down the steep pathways/pebbled streets) however, if you have functional legs, I would recommend walking around to explore any place.
There is a church which had a choir competition when I was there (during 21st April 2016) and as a catholic, it was nice to hear the voices of the angels practise and perform.

If you are going in the summer months, there is a very small palace located by Lake Garda. that you can access (by palace, this is basically a house that had a courtyard by the in the day with private boat access directly from the lake- so don’t get your hopes up!), which will have a small classical music band that will perform for one hour on a Tuesday and Wednesday. I would think that this will get busy fast so make sure you get there early!

Lastly, how can you got to Lake Garda and not go on a boat trip that flows up and down Lake Garda! The boat was part of a beautiful wedding however, if there is a group of you, I am sure you can get a cheap rate.

There’s no 5* hotel nor branded hotel (like the Marriott, Hilton etc) however, there are B&B, 3* and 4* hotels. For this place, I was attending a wedding at the Castle which was already costing me a lot of money, so we decided to book an apartment called Casa Cressotti which worked out about 65 euros per night between us. This is an absolute bargain as we had our own kitchen, living room and was located close as well as the heart of Malcesine. The only downside to the apartment is that the decor is dated, but do not let this doubt you as the place was clean, functional and was actually good pricing.
Casa Cressotti is essentially a building filled with flats (as if it was a residential block of flats) however, it seems like the owner as turned all the flats into a business. The owner, Constatine actually met us when we left the taxi and gave us advise on Malecesine (with his very broken English), as well as drove us to a bus stop to get to Verona (which I will explain later on).

I booked this through and please note there there is a cleaning charge per person per stay. Also, there will be City Tax that will apply per person per  night (this will fluctuate per year).

Food & beverages
With this town, there’s plenty of places to eat and drink – most people prefer to have lakeside views.
One other bonus it that most places will speak English and the cost to dine out is actually average price.

TOP TIPS: If you are going to Monte Baldo, go early as it does get busy (with tourist, school groups and locals) and your photos will be better with no crowds photobombing your camera shots.

Bring comfy shoes since it’s a pebble town that is very uneven.

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