Barcelona ♥ Spain

I love this city so much that I’ve been to Barcelona twice in four mouths.

It’s got everything from culture, great people, arts, nightlife, beach and delicious food – what’s not to like.

So this piece is just a brief overview of what I did and enjoyed in this great city..


Mango Outlet – Girona , this street has a few outlet shops and boutique shops that are worth visiting (only if you’re a shopaholic). I purchased many things as the exchange rate made the items bargains to buy!  Carrer de Girona, 37, 08010 Barcelona, Spain

Hello Kitty shop – we found this store by pure luck. We were on the bus to Gaudi’s catherdral, we were advised that it would be 8 stops, in which we counted, only to realise we ended up in the business district that had a lot of warehouses, empty roads and quite frankly, looked like a back alley. Five girls walking in this area is absolutely scary in the UK, but the bus driver said it was quicker to get off here, walk 25 minutes to the main road and get on another bus or flag a taxi. Walking 25 minutes in the hot sun seems a very long time, however, as troopers, we went on and only to find in this grey and grim street, a pink shop with the Hello Kitty faces all over it. Quite naturally, we all go excited and said that we might as well pop in and see what this cute little store is about. The Spanish sales assistant could not speak a word of English, however, used a calculator to show us that it is up to 85% off Hello Kitty products – don’t you just love modern technology!

Hello Kitty Outlet (C/. Ávila, 129) – Tiendas Outlet, BCN

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Parc Guell
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Cathedral in the centre, St Maria Del Mar, nearby Salvador Dali’s museum (as you can see in my previous blog that I have become a fan of this work). The beautiful fountain display at Fonts de Montjuic (unfortunately haven’t had a chance to see inside the house!) and has a chance to spend a day at the Parc Guell (make sure you bring a picnic as this is a big garden). Lastly, the Sagrada Familia – this is extraordinary, you cant help but admire the intricate gothic details on one side and the other much smooth and contemporary. I didn’t get a chance to go in as the queue was not moving and there were hundreds in the queue, my advice, book your tickets online so you can gain quick access otherwise, you’ll be stuck in this crazy queue trying to get in.


We all love a good club when abroad; I must tell you that I love a beach club and good music. I have been advised by a few waiters and shop assistants that the best places are to go to (no particular order).

Catwalk – they mostly play r’n’b and hip hop, it depends on the night as there was one night where it was excellent and another night where it was full of chavvy people.
Shoko – the music depends on the night, sometimes its good, sometimes it’s ok but
Opium – I ended up in this place every single night, music is great, atmosphere is amazing and the price of drinks are just as expensive as the other places.
Honestly, it seems that we always end up going to two clubs or all three clubs in one night.
I did try other places; my advice – do not go to La Ramblas on the night nor the square (PI. Reial, Ciutat Vella) – you will get hassled in the most aggressive sale tactic you have EVER seen. They will hold your hand and won’t let it go for half an hour until you agree to whatever their sale is (could be tickets to get into Opium etc…) however, let’s be realistic, there are club promoters all around the beach who will get you free entry OR if you have to pay, pay the club directly as these people are dodgy and more than likely going to scam you.

If you’re having a few drinks, the Gothic Quarter is nice to relax, have lots of tequila, rum and Spanish art… you may be able to scare your friends in this area.

In saying that, I watched the best beach storm when I was at a club on a beach – it was surreal but incredible. Will upload video soon.

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