Brighton my day, UK

Brighton is seafront is beautiful and you must go on the seaside when it’s a nice day as you can see people kayaking, sailing and playing basketball.
If you’ve never been, to the seaside in Brighton, it’s not a sandy beach, it’s a pebbled stone beach (I seem to have no luck with these sandy beaches).
When the sun is shining, the water is blue and clear – perfect  view to de-stress and calm down after a stressful week!

Things to see in Brighton is obviously the Pier that has your usually seaside arcades and is fun if you are in groups.

Choccywoccydoodah Window display

The other places to see if the signature The Lanes is a historic part of Brighton. The Lanes are narrowed street, the shops are quirky and you can find quite a lot of vintage items (on North Lane).
The famous Choccywoccydoodah (chocolatier specialising in sculpted fantasies, naughty and wedding cakes) that has some insane stuff like this unicorn in an egg.
I must say, there are quite a lot jewellery shops on The Lanes so if you are looking for a ring, you will most likely find a cut you like here.

Food and Drink
There are lots of gelato parlours, cute coffee shops and I must say, they are BIG on vegetarian and vegan food. So you will have your tastebuds tingling here with the newest trends and ingredients.
Brighton is famous for its fish and chips so make sure you have one at some point!

Top tips: Bring ID everywhere as they are hot on this.
Fish and chips are must in this seaside town.
Brighton is a town that you can walk everywhere in.

The Lanes
The Lanes are a historic part of Brighton and is a maze of twisting alleyways with antiques, jewellery and boutique fashion.

If you go to the Lanes (direction towards the beach) where Choccywoccydoodah , there are some cracking chocolates sculpted in unicorns, dogs etc and this part of the lanes will have a LOT of jewellers selling diamonds, gold, silver and platinum.

The other part of the lanes is closer to the train station side where you will discover vintage clothes, accessories and of course gelato parlours!

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