There are many places in the world to see, tastebuds to be tantalised, people to meet and educate ourselves on the culture and history.

I may have not been to many places compared to some but I have been to enough places to give you some sound advice that could help on your future travels or you may reminisce.

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Santiago, Chile

Sunny Santiago – after being in the snow and coldness of Bolivia; I was so happy to arrive in Santiago and it felt like a British summer. It’s been a while since I felt the sun shine on… Continue Reading →

Chile 411

The wine producing, self-sufficient and the richest country in South America. Chile is a country that has a desert, towns and the beautiful outdoors as well as home to the tallest building in South America (984 feet).Chile is… Continue Reading →

La Paz, Bolivia

I crossed the border by bus from Peru to Bolivia – which was a little nightmare as they unzip your bag and will take away your fruit then look through your bag then you have to repack everything…. Continue Reading →

Machu Picchu

A place I dreamed about going to when I was a child and didn’t think it was ever possible for me to go.  I am not an outdoors person and have NEVER camped in my life however, I… Continue Reading →

Cusco, Peru

I booked a tour with G Adventures which included transportation to Cusco and OH MY, there is difference in altitude that my body felt. I stayed in Milhouse – very social and clean – good location and I… Continue Reading →

Peru 101 + Lima

Peru was the place I started my South American travels and what a place to start :). My main plan was to hike Machu Picchu and for this, I would’ve booked a tour. At the time I was… Continue Reading →

CUBA 101

Stuff you need to know before arriving in CUBA – because it’s a process itself! Getting to Cuba I flew from Mexico and I managed to get a visa at the airport during check in with Interjet for… Continue Reading →


One of the great wonders of the world and I would’ve never thought I would get there! It’s a place I’ve dreamt about as a mystical place filled with exotic animals and crazy insects which all seemed to… Continue Reading →

Rio, Rio, Rio

Rio, Rio, Rio.  My transfer from Paraty took me directly to my hostel which helped as it was getting dark. Now, I’ve stayed in Rio twice during my trip. This was before and after going to Transcoso, Bahia. … Continue Reading →

Sao Paulo

I flew from Medellin > Lima > Rio > Sao Paulo – I was absolutely shattered by the time I got to São Paulo and had a very long nap when I arrived at my boutique hostel.  There… Continue Reading →

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is one of the Natural Wonders in the World that you have to see once in your life. Iguazu Falls lies between Brazil and Argentina that both have different views of the waterfalls. I flew from… Continue Reading →


My first stop in Colombia (I flew from Lima, Peru) and I chose to stay in La Candeleria at a very cool hostel called Graffiti Hostel. Honestly, I rate this hostel highly as they are in a good… Continue Reading →


A cosmopolitan city that has a good Metro System to take you downtown to see the wonderful museums, bus station and other sights.  I stayed in the El Poblado area which is known to be safe – especially… Continue Reading →


Trinidad THE PLACE THAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO VISIT. This is the place which has been featured in MANY films as it still looks the same when it’s been built with cobbled streets, colonial style buildings and… Continue Reading →


Havanaaaaa I hope you’re singing the Camillo Cabelo song with me as it’s tune that speaks volumes when you arrive. Now, you can hire a classic Chevrolet or a 1950’s car as a taxi or they can charge… Continue Reading →

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