When I was growing up, I dreamt about coming here as a child and I thought it would be an impossible dream. Now being almost a fully grown arse women, realising I control my destiny and only I can make my dreams come true… so here I go 🙂

Rio, Rio, Rio

Rio, Rio, Rio.  My transfer from Paraty took me directly to my hostel which helped as it was getting dark. Now, I’ve stayed in Rio twice during my trip. This was before and after going to Transcoso, Bahia.  Firstly, I really enjoyed staying at El Misti Hostel – it was really lively, the staff were… Continue Reading →

Paraty / Ilhe Grande

I was making my way up from São Paulo so I caught a bus from São Paulo’s bus station – I went to the company ‘XX’ stand (I am still trying to find this bus ticket so will update when I find this) and brought my ticket there that took me to Paraty.  Paraty is… Continue Reading →

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is one of the Natural Wonders in the World that you have to see once in your life. Iguazu Falls lies between Brazil and Argentina that both have different views of the waterfalls. I flew from Sao Paulo to the Foz de Iguazu (the Brazilian side) and stayed there for a few nights. … Continue Reading →

Sao Paulo

I flew from Medellin > Lima > Rio > Sao Paulo – I was absolutely shattered by the time I got to São Paulo and had a very long nap when I arrived at my boutique hostel.  There are two airports in Sao Paulo – one close to the City Centre and the other is… Continue Reading →

Travelling during COVID-19

I felt like I was trapped and there was no sense of freedom during the months of lockdown. When it was raining here in the UK and browsing photos of my travels to South America, reminiscing about the beach, sand in my toes and hearing the waves.  Cabin fever isn’t a pretty sight so what… Continue Reading →

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