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Dating TIPS

Dating whilst travelling? Or are you just dating in general? Either way, there are some safety tips just to keep in mind whether you are dating abroad or dating at home.  Send your locationThe number one rule you need to follow. If you have Whatsapp or UBER – you can send your location (or ETA… Continue Reading →

Virtual Tours around the world…

Still have itchy feet? I’ve got you covered whilst you’re on lockdown – many destinations are promoting the best experience of these places through Virtual Reality Tours. These places have been hit with tourism  during this pandemic but they’ll be thankful if you put them on your list to visit them in the future. So… Continue Reading →

Virtual Tours

Museum, sites and landmarks Being stuck at home is a blessing in disguise that has so far have me sitting at home wearing PJ’s, sipping a cup of tea or a cocktail (depending on the time of day) and I am getting tired of binging on Netflix.It doesn’t seem to satisfy the itchy feet since… Continue Reading →

Bloody ‘Rona has been ruining my travel plans..

We’ve all seen how relaxed Mexico has been taking the Coronavirus whilst all the surrounding countries were closing their borders immediately preventing anyone leaving or coming in. In fact, when I first arrived in Mexico, they were so proud of being ‘Coronavirus free’ that they had a sign in the airport to state this.Well, many… Continue Reading →

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